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Comprehension the Basics of ADA Agreement Parking

list of disabilities covered under ada for Accessible Design require business owners and State and local offices to provide handicapped accessible parking spaces and remove any barriers to access that may exist in current parking structures. Restriping pavement to create ADA Compliance Parking Lots is quite affordable, so there is no excuse for business owners not to include accessible parking. Read on to find out about the ADA requirements for commercial parking lots.

Minimum Number of Parking Spaces

The minimum number of spaces required depends primarily on the size of the parking lot or structure. While lots that have less than 25 total parking spaces need only include one accessible parking space, those that have between 401 and 500 must include at least nine accessible spaces and two van-accessible spaces. The requirements for larger lots are somewhat more complex: lots with 500 to 1000 total spaces must devote 2% of total parking to accessible spaces and 1/6 of these must be van accessible, while lots that have 1001 or more spaces must provide 20+ accessible spaces depending on how large they are.

americans with disabilities act must be located as close as possible to the facility's entrance. Property owners of buildings that have multiple entrances must disperse their accessible parking across these entrances. In ada attorney -level parking structures, accessible parking should be offered on level ground close to an accessible entrance and an accessible route must be provided.

Accessible Routes

Accessible routes must be free of curbs and stairs and should be composed of a firm, slip-resistant surface that is at least three feet in width. Any slopes along these routes should be no greater than 1:12 in the direction of accessible travel. Any ramps required should not extend into the accessible route.

Space Identification

All accessible parking spaces must be designated with the international symbol of accessibility. The sign detailing this designation must be at least 60 inches from the ground as measured from the sign's bottom. These designated spaces must be a minimum of 96 inches wide and have a maximum slope in all directions of 1:48.

Some Exceptions

The ADA requirements for parking lots and structures designed for hospital facilities, rehabilitation clinics, physical therapy facilities, and residential facilities differ substantially from commercial standards. Property owners can learn more about ADA standards for these facilities in 2010 Standards 208.2.

Get Help Ensuring Compliance

Commercial business owners may be wondering, How much will my ADA compliance cost? They may also have questions regarding compliance and how they can best meet accessibility requirements. These questions should be directed to a paving contractor with dedicated knowledge of ADA accessibility standards.
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