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The way to Repair a Broken Music Box

One of probably the most gorgeous gifts that somebody can give one more particular person, especially a wife or daughter, can be a music box. By means of the present of music, they are going to be able to maintain a person's memory alive by means of the music from the music box, which can play on for decades.

Music boxes, sadly, also can break down. So, to retain the music that may well mean so much for the individual who received the musical gift, it may be needed that you simply commence to learn about repairing a กล่องดนตรี ไขลาน.

Most problems in music boxes are brought on by a malfunction within the starter in the music box. Fortunately, this can frequently be repaired at house without needing to get it repaired at a shop. You can find 3 distinctive types of starters for music boxes, and knowing how to repair each and every 1 will make you really versatile. Too, usually remember to become very delicate as you may cause much more damage to a music box inside your try to repair it.

Wire Starter

This kind of music box plays when the lid is opened and pressure is released on a metal stick, and stops when the lid is closed. When the stress is released around the metal stick, a spring pushes the spring up and moves a connected wire down, which releases an air brake and causes the music box to play. These are the forms of music box movements you might want to be conscious of to repair it.

It is best to attempt changing the angle in the spring with pliers. You could must adjust it quite a bit, up and down, left and correct, according to in the event the music starts, doesn't get started, or begins but will not quit.

You can also pull the metal stick, which could possibly be caught on some thing or slightly bent. If bent, it must be replaced.

Button Starter

When a button is pushed around the box, a metal plate moves the starter mechanism, which releases a latch from the wheel in the cylinder in music boxes. This releases the air brake that permits the box to play.


In these, check to make certain that the button mechanism doesn't possess a loose nut, and if it does, tighten it. This can hopefully permit it to connect with the metal plate to begin the music. You could also adjust the plate and move it closer for the starter button.

Pin Starter

They are applied in toy music boxes, where the pin blocks the air brake. When pulled, the music plays, when pushed, the music stops.

If the box will not play, ensure that the pin blocks the air brake and that when it can be pulled, it releases the air brake. The pin shouldn't be too extended and if it's, it might should be filed down. If it will not quit playing, then adjust the position from the movement and be sure that the pin just isn't as well short. If it can be, put some tape around the end to lengthen it.


Music boxes are excellent gifts for somebody you love, but like something, they're able to break down and it's important that whenever you possess a music box, you know tips on how to repair it. Thankfully, a lot of are quick to repair and all it requires is usually a fundamental understanding on the inner-workings of music boxes along with other sorts of musical gifts.

It really is simple to complete, individuals appreciate them and also you can truly shine using a well-made กล่องเพลง, so why are you currently not creating music boxes however? You could find that when you give a musical present like music boxes, that you just have created a adore for placing music boxes together and it could turn into one thing you do a lot more. It could end up getting certainly one of your favourite hobbies actually.

Absolutely everyone loves music, every person loves the present of music and there isn't someone around the planet who will not appreciate the present you may have offered them whenever you take the time to put it together for them. Two centuries right after they began to be mass produced, it can be nonetheless a gif
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