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iPhone 6 Accesscories That You Must Learn About

Every year, Apple happens with an all new trick to retain its client base. The art of releasing newer and better smart phones that outdoes its competitor and blends within the newest times is something that Apple is a useful one at. While last year Apple wowed everybody by having an A7 chip processor in their iPhone 5S coupled with fingerprint recognition technology as well as a camera that takes pictures similar to DSLR cameras, many tech pundits have wondered what Apple can do with the iPhone 6. So, what's expected from the iPhone 6?

Within the tech-market, the news from the launching of Apple's latest iPhone 6 has created a massive buzz around. It'll function as latest variant in the Apple's revolutionary iPhone series, which is supposed to get purchased from the marketplace like hotcakes, continuing the legacy of its pre-variants. The market is flooded with plenty accessories in the upcoming new iPhone, before its launch. Here are some from the iPhone 6 accessories you can find:

1. iPhone 6 case. The marketplace has recently witnessed the incoming in the new iPhone 6 case. In addition to this, an apple iphone 6 clear case has been launched. It's a clear hard back panel case with superior colour. What's more, it features air cushion technology corners for extreme drop protection. It can be readily available for about $15. Other simple types of cases for iPhone 6 can also be found for assorted prices. If we rise for the budget, leather bag type cases for iPhone 6 can be procured for $30-$50 range. For example the wallet style cases, leather moulded cases, tuff-grip cases etc.

2. iPhone 6 cover. The same as iPhone 6 clear case, the iPhone 6 clear covers are also launched. They are available in clear grey and clear gold colours. These anti-dust, washable and glare resistant covers look elegant too. They are offered for approximately $20 available in the market. There are more iPhone 6 covers also which can be bought for around $10, for example, the difficult shield covers, leather covers etc.


3. Other accessories. In addition to the huge range of cases and covers available, there are a variety of other iPhone 6 accessories available. Of those, car chargers, car holders, screen protectors, desk stands, Bluetooth headsets, headphones and spares will be the most common ones. We can also find other new accessories like shower speakers, wireless fitness tracking wristbands and Bluetooth automatically kits.

There are many who expect Apple to come out with NFC technology within the new model, something which continues to be missing from Apple's stables for long. As we do observe that coming, it would mean that Apple use a technology that Android continues to be using for very long.

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