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iPhone Overview

I finally stopped working and purchased an iPhone… were required to see exactly what the buzz was about. Here’s my overview of it and how I envision our members could use an apple iphone to perform basic tasks with

First, an assessment basic principles from the iPhone: It’s an incredibly useful version 1.0 device, specially when you’re in the WiFi area mainly because it make use of the WiFi rather than the slower AT&T Edge network for access.

Exactly what it lacks: A whole lot. It’s not made for business…and I bet their next gen version is going to be considerably more business savvy with regards to its power. It lacks a great way to put in applications, lacks cellular carrier options (AT&T sucked to me earlier this week when their techies are playing when they must be monitoring their network for uptime/availability), lacks ability to arrange the house page how you are interested, lacks compatibility with lots of iPod devices (Bose’s SoundDock for instance), lacks an excellent speaker, missing a simple IM client for Instant Messaging on any platform, it doesn’t have walkie/talkie or direct connect Nextel type functions; it can’t record video, doesn’t support flash yet, they forgot to tell you that you’ll should buy an adapter to fire up regular headphones, you can’t make use of songs for ringtones and also you can’t buy iTunes songs from that yet.


What rocks regarding it: It’s insanely simple to operate. When you’re on WiFi, it’s quick enough to be acceptable. It’s always on as well as no boot time so for your evening ‘look something up’ once your PC is turn off, it’s a great alternative. Both the mega-pixel camera takes very good photos. The integrated iPod is neat. Primarily is the web access from anywhere you can get either WiFi or AT&T’s Edge network. It is transformed my day between office by runs or once i only need a simple access to info for something… or while shopping at Best Buy yesterday I noticed I can save $40 when you purchase a similar thing I was taking a look at from

The way i can see EzineArticles Members employing an iPhone: It is possible to log in your money and see in case your pending articles are approved/reviewed yet, it is possible to reply to blog (several of my recent blog comments were done through iPhone while on the path) or article entries, you are able to send us an email for member support or answer an EzineArticles Inbox email, or you can just look at the stats.

Summary: It is a device that has already changed the mobile Internet experience & expectations of what’s possible. Even with all of its ‘lack’…it’s an incredibly useful version 1.0 device. If you’ve got an iPhone, I’d wish to learn about the way you could make your experience better about the iPhone?

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