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Fortnite Finally Gets Its Driftboard, But Just For a Restricted Time

Since the snowy theme of Fortnite Season 7 has been revealed, on the list of battle pass skins is an outright snowboarder, and it appears that Fortnite would get some sort of snowboard-like mobility Fortnite Items.

We saw teases and leaks of this item, the Driftboard, greater than six weeks ago (it was literally the week four loading screen), but now right here, when season 7 is just about over and now in "overtime" mode just before season eight, is when we're lastly seeing the item arrive in the game. And Epic is currently saying that it is not going to stick around for long.

The news feed is now teasing the "stylin' and profilin'" Driftboard, which should really arrive in the game within a patch tomorrow or Wednesday, according to when the update turns out to be. It really is not clear precisely how it's going to function, but given that it's a hoverboard, not a snowboard, I do not consider it can only function in say, the snowy part of the map, and you may very well be capable to surf around anywhere and use it as a new style of one-man car, much more or significantly less the initial of its sort. And yes, you'll be able to shoot from it.

Why restricted time? I have a hunch that Epic has had some problems with the Driftboard. That would explain why it is showing up so late within the season right here, and why it really is only arriving inside a restricted time capacity now that it lastly is right here. That is possibly going to play out like the jetpack, exactly where it will arrive inside the game for a extremely brief time, there will likely be an LTM or two built around it, then it's going to go away and we'll never speak of it once again.

The Driftboard does look like it will be a fantastic item to use in Fortnite creative mode, as I can consider people today constructing elaborate tracks for it. Leaks do look to indicate that it will likely be attainable to spawn Driftboards in inventive mode, and supposed 1 challenge in the Overtime list would be to play a Driftboard LTM with a pal.

Once again, it appears weird that this is displaying up just as a limited time item. I imply, if planes is usually right here for an entire season, and have been extremely disruptive this complete time, why can not we get a cool hoverboard for longer than a couple weeks? Type of a bummer.

Remain tuned for info on when the Driftboard will arrive. My guess is tomorrow, and then we'll most likely see an LTM for it by the finish of the week if I had to guess. We only have I believe 1 more week till season 8 starts, and would they definitely take it away that soon? There's restricted time then there is limited time, and that will be type of a waste. We'll have to see.
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