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Games For the Smart phone

Looking for freeware games for your mobile phone? Here you will find action, adventure, arcade, cards, lottery, driving, puzzle, role play, simulation, sports, board, word and strategy games on your mobile.


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You are able to play patience, poker, black jack, pool, sokoban and pocket bricks; check out the hall of fame or suggest a game. With a large number of freeware for the mobile or pocket pc. Download the latest games without the headache.

Download the most famous freeware games software, You will find best rated games and new releases and play online now. Download free MP3 music from With news, reviews, tips, tricks and value comparisons.

Strap yourself in and hit the throttle in Pyroblazer's futuristic combat racing game that supplies you with hurtling throughout the landscapes of Apeiron. Choose from many different antigrav vehicles--called Blazers--and try to hold on for the finish line.

Play a casino game of soccer as Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Italian and French national teams in 5-minute exhibition matches. SolSuite's jam-packed suite of 496 professional-level solitaire games adds two new originals: Miner's Gold and Robinson Crusoe.

You can find a wide selection of games on your cell phone online, a number of them free. Download the games of your choice to help you play them wherever you are. All work no play makes Jack a monotonous boy. Enjoy yourself!
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