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How to Choose a Vanity Mirror That Perfectly Complements the Bathrooms Style

Homeowners who choose to perform their own partial or full home remodels often do so because they want to ensure that the space they occupy reflects their unique personal tastes and personalities. Accomplishing this goal requires attention to detail in each room that is being remodeled, including the bathroom. After all, when guests come to call there is no other room in the house that they are more likely to visit at least once.

Most homeowners begin their bathroom remodels by installing new fixtures, such as tubs and sinks, and repainting the walls. Taking these actions first allows them to choose details like bathroom vanity mirrors that complement the style of the rest of the room. Read on to find out small vanity how to choose unique vanities and mirrors via nities and mirrors and other online sources that perfectly complement a new paint job or new fixtures and create a well-integrated bathroom design.

Decide on General Placement

Nearly every bathroom in the country contains at least one mirror. Knowing where to put that mirror for best effect is the first step toward finding the perfect product. Most homeowners choose to include mirrors over vanities or sinks, as this is the area of the bathroom usually dedicated to daily tasks like fixing hair and putting on makeup.

Think About Lighting

Ensuring that the mirror has adequate lighting is almost as important as finding correct placement, particularly in bathrooms that do not have windows. Make sure that the lighting source is adequate to see by, but does not produce glare on the mirror. The installation of sconces along the mirror's sides provides plenty of light without getting in the way of residents' and guests' ability to see.

Contemporary Choices

Bathrooms that utilize a contemporary design are often best complemented by frameless mirrors. These create a sleek effect that perfectly matches contemporary style. Just be sure to install the mirror via glue rather than hooks, as the latter can leave this important bathroom accessory looking bulky and out of place.

Traditional Choices

More traditionally designed bathrooms typically look better with framed mirrors. Traditional style mirrors often feature thick, ornate frames. Just be sure to match the color and quality of wood utilized in the rest of the bathroom's furniture so that it doesn't look out of place.

Custom-Cut Mirrors

Bathrooms that are particularly small or feature unusually sized spaces above the vanity or sink may benefit from the installation of one or more custom-cut mirrors. small double vanity and oval-shaped mirrors can create a unique effect if they are designed to fit the space correctly. Visit nities and mirrors for more information.
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