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Back Pain - What is Pain and Inflammation?

Lower back pain relief is needed due to a common problem affecting most adults and even the younger public due to the demanding and stressful lifestyle. This condition can disrupt the person’s daily routine and can be really bothersome while sleeping. A lot of factors contribute to the cause of lower back pain.
Among the major causes are strained muscles that can be acquired from over-work and lifting heavy objects. Another reason for this is the high level of acid by-products that are triggered by muscle contractions. If not treated, there is a tendency that the pain will increase over time and develop into a more severe case of chronic back pain.
Some people are often not aware that they have developed certain bad habits which caused this condition. Among these habits are sitting for long hours- like couch potatoes and working in the office, bad posture and slouching, lack of exercise or any physical activities, improper ways of picking up and carrying objects, and weight gain.
People who have sports develop lower back pains when they lack warming up and strain their muscles. Depression or being stressed-out can also cause bodily pains because the brain sends signals to the nerves. One quick method of eliminating the pain will be to take medicines. However, some prefer more natural ways as means of cure. Here are eight ways that may be able to help relieve the condition. These are methods which can be done in the comfort of our homes.
Water Therapy
Avoiding decaffeinated drinks and downing eight glasses of water or more every day is the easiest way to cure the body from pain. Research proved that the discs in our lower back lose mass and water as we age. The recommended amount would be at least 48 ounces a day or, to be accurate, divide your weight in half. The number will be the equivalent amount of ounces which you must intake.
Cold Compress
Like any local anesthesia, the coldness of the ice numbs the tissues of the back and helps alleviate the pain. It has properties which slow down inflammation that usually happens on injured cases. Simply wrap ice cubes with a towel and rub your back with it. You’ll soon notice the pain going away.
If you can access a pool or you live near the beach, swimming will be an ideal and natural way to relieve back pain. It is an activity which reduces the pressure on the lower back and prevents muscles from getting strained. This method is very helpful in curing and also preventing the condition from ever coming back.
Hot Shower or Warm Baths
The heat from the steam helps relieve back pain and stimulates blood flow. Even just soaking in a tub filled with warm water helps alleviate the pain by relaxing the muscles in your back. However, staying for too long can cause dehydration, so make sure that you drink lots of water before trying this method.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is popular in Asia and even in Europe. One method that is widely known to cure pain and other diseases is called acupuncture. It involves targeting specific points in our bodies by insertion of needles. According to the theory, pain is caused by blocked meridians or paths where the “Qi” referred to as the “life energy” flows. Removing the blockade and restoring balance to these points is believed to be the most effective way in eliminating the pain.
There is, however, a more scientific explanation to this. By employing this method, hormones and neurochemicals are released. The sympathetic nervous system is calmed resulting to the reduction of pain.
lower back nerve pain
This method is already known in the west since the 19th century. It has been a popular therapy for patients with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and even cancer. A lot of conducted research proved that the therapy effectively helps in the treatment of lower back pain especially those which progressed into chronic conditions.
Massage Therapy
Kneading the muscles in your back is a simple yet an effective way to achieve relief from lower back pains. It not only eliminates the soreness, it also stimulates blood flow, relaxes the muscles and helps reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress which are factors that also causes the pain.
This method is used by a lot of people including pregnant wom
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